Vision and Mission


The vision of Ageing Well is to add life to years for all older New Zealanders

This will be achieved by harnessing science to sustain health and wellbeing into the later years of life, in ways that:

  • Allow personal dignity to be preserved into old age by mitigating mental, cognitive, and physical disability
  • Support health, wellbeing and independence for all New Zealanders as they age
  • Recognise the resourcefulness of older people and their on-going social, economic, and cultural contributions to society
  • Enable Ageing Well through mutual respect, support, and reciprocity amongst people of different ages


The mission of Ageing Well is to push back disability thresholds to enable all New Zealanders to reach their full potential through the life course with particular reference to the latter years of life. 

This will be achieved through delivery of our programme of research, underpinned by:

  • Creating an environment that encourages collaboration between researchers who specialise in ageing research, so as to develop the innovative strategies needed for realising the potential of the longevity dividend (five interlinking strands of research)
  • Engaging continuously with consumers and stakeholders from the health and disability, voluntary and community services sectors who are at the front line of support for New Zealand’s older people in an increasingly diverse and complex ageing society (the emphasis on co-production of research and an integrated knowledge transfer model)
  • Infusing the research programme with the principles of Vision Mātauranga which seek to transform the burden of poor ageing that falls disproportionately on Māori and give expression to the long and rich tradition of Māori valuing and using older people’s knowledge and wisdom

Further Information

The criteria for National Science Challenges proposals was outlined in the New Zealand Gazette:

New-Zealand-Gazette-30-Jan-2014 (MBIE NSC Criteria)

New-Zealand-Gazette-12-Sept-2017 (MBIE NSC Criteria for Second period of funding)