Breakout groups tnThe Ageing Well National Science Challenge held its first National Colloquium on the 14th of August at Te Papa, Wellington. Colloquium attendees included representatives from Universities, NGOs, government departments, industry and other private organisations from all over New Zealand.

After introductions and updates from the Governance Group Chair, Norah Barlow, and Director, Professor Dave Baxter, the meeting worked through a varied programme including:

  • The importance of Vision Mātauranga
  • Perspective from MBIE as funder
  • An introduction to key research areas covered by the Challenge
  • The role and contribution of the ‘Wise Heads’ group
  • The ‘how to’ and action steps for engaging effectively with stakeholders

Following this, breakout sessions with participants were held. Participants worked together to identify progress made, areas needing more investigation by the Challenge and next steps.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the day such a success. Outputs from the day will help to inform our thinking and to underpin our next steps.

View the presentations:

Professor Dave Baxter (PDF 25MB) NSC Ageing Well: Kia eke kairangi ki te taikaumātuatanga

Dr Prue Williams MBIE (PDF 2.5MB) National Science Challenges: An overview

Dr Hamish Jamieson (PDF 16.2MB) InterRAI in New Zealand 

Dr Sally Keeling (PDF 3MB) Risk factors for reduced social engagement in older people

Dr Ruth Teh (PDF 4.2MB) Staying upright and eating well research

Professor Valery Feigin (PDF 3.6MB) Health and wellness coaching for primary stroke and CVD prevention

Professor Martin Connolly (PDF 530KB) Older people in retirement villages: Unidentified need and intervention research

Ms Trina Tautau (PDF 6.7MB) Health policy and the Ageing well science Challenge

Dr Malcolm Menzies (PDF 6.5MB) Who we are and why we are interested

Dr Les Oxley (PDF 6.6MB) Who we are and why we are interested

Dr Sarah Derrett (PDF 2.5MB) Dialysis outcomes in those aged 65 years and over: A longitudinal study in New Zealand

Dr Rebecca Brookland (PDF 1.5MB) Older drivers, families and GPs: Navigating the path between mobility and safety

Norah Barlow AW Colloquium

Norah Barlow welcomes the Ageing Well National Colloquium attendees.

Prue Williams MBIE

 Dr Prue Williams gives an overview of all the National Science Challenges.

Assessing needs AW Colloquium
Dr Sally Keeling presents her research about risk factors for reduced social engagement.

Breakout groups AW Colloquium
Participants work in breakout groups to plan next steps for the Ageing Well Challenge.

Wendy Fleming and Trina Tautau

Wise Heads presenters Wendy Fleming and Trina Tautau.

Older drivers AW Colloquium

Dr Rebecca Brookland addresses the group with her research about balancing mobility and safety for older drivers.

Retirement villages AW Colloquium

Professor Martin Connolly presents his work about the needs of those living in retirement villages.

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