The mission of Ageing Well is to push back disability thresholds to enable all New Zealanders to reach their full potential through the life 
course with particular reference to the latter years of life.

One of the key approaches underlying our research programme is engaging continuously with consumers and stakeholders from the health and disability, voluntary and 
community services sectors. They are at the front line of support for New Zealand’s older people in an increasingly diverse and complex ageing society.

Integration is fundamental to the Ageing Well research programme and will take place in many dimensions—our research will integrate:

  • Across multiple individuals, multiple organisations, addressing all the different aspects that contribute to 
individuals crossing the disability threshold
  • With mātauranga Māori, Pacific and pakeha cultures
  • With our consumers and stakeholders from health and disability, voluntary, and community service sectors

Stakeholders critical to the Challenge’s success

There is little more critical to the success of the Challenge than involving the organisations and individuals who will implement the new knowledge delivered by the Challenge.

The Ageing Well Challenge will utilise a Knowledge Exchange Transfer framework, which is based on the principles of co-creation and knowledge exchange between researchers and knowledge users.

The Challenge has already consulted with policymakers and over 50 organisations who provide healthcare, accommodation or other support to older people and will continue to work with these groups to advance our Mission and Vision.

How do I get Involved?

If you are interested in the work of the Challenge and would like to know more, we will send out regular newsletters to our distribution lists to provide updates and to signpost key upcoming activity. If you would like to receive these newsletters, please contact or use the Subscribe to our newsletter box below. You can opt out of our distribution list at any time.