Funding Opportunities

This page describes the various funding that will (subject to refunding) be available and contestable as part of MBIE’s second, 5-year investment of circa NZ$ 20M in Ageing Well (2019-24).

Focus Areas (Core Funding)

Within each of these Focus Areas, it is planned that the Challenge will invest circa $5M of research funding initially.


Focus Area: Health & Wellbeing in Ageing

Outcome statement
All older people are given opportunities and tools to support their physical/functional and mental abilities, and the interaction of these capacities with their own unique environments.

This may include reshaping of physical environments, so these environments encourage engagement and participation


Research which supports and develops:

  • Design and delivery of culturally relevant interventions for health promotion, that support autonomous daily functioning and wellbeing through sustaining physical and mental capacity, and social connectedness.
  • Design and delivery of effective and efficient health and social services for older people to enhance access, quality and provision of services, while addressing multi-morbidity and complex geographic, social, family, financial and housing circumstances.


Focus Area:  Ageing and Māori

Outcome statement
Positive Māori ageing is supported by evidence from Māori-led research undertaken in collaboration with key stakeholders (e.g. Māori service providers and communities).

Research derived evidence is used to inform policy makers and programme funders on how to best support programmes that work for older Māori and their whānau and which prevent compromised ageing.


Research which supports and develops:

  • Equitable access to culturally appropriate services
  • Social connectedness
  • Research with Māori who are ageing well
  • Structural, social, and environmental determinants of positive ageing
  • Cultural roles and responsibilities as kaumātua and leaders
  • Data to identify issues for Māori and inform future planning
  • Lifecourse research


Focus Area (Emergent Opportunities: Within Focus Area Criteria and Budget)

Within each Focus Area, the Challenge will provide additional support up to $2M investment to address:


Research which supports and develops

  • Unexpected findings from the current research portfolio that are worth follow-up
  • Unrecognised opportunities (or risks)

Current contract holders will be reviewed to identify potential opportunities

Please note the funding timeframes for the Emergent Opportunities is outside the Focus Area Core Funding process, and is yet to be finalised.

Please come back for information updates.


Strategic Investment Initiatives (c $1.5M)

The Challenge recognises the limits to the resource it can direct, and that there is value in working alongside other research funders and consortia, to align research that will make a difference to our Objective. To that end, we have advanced discussions and have every expectation of collaborating and co-funding research, with:

  • The other ‘health and wellbeing’ Challenges (A Better Start and Healthier Lives)
  • Brain Research New Zealand (Centre of Research Excellence)
  • Building Better Homes Towns and Cities National Science Challenge