12 Jan 2020

AWESSoM is the Ageing Well through Eating, Sleeping, Socialising and Mobility Programme, proudly funded by Ageing Well.

Loss of independence is a key concern for older people of all nationalities. The AWESSoM programme integrates projects across population groups to maximise independence and push back the threshold of disability.

A new LifeCurve TM phone app focussing on the way difficulties with daily activities are acquired will suggest to the user (older person) solutions to maintain or recover function. A social connector is developed to maximise utility of community resources for social engagement. Māori and Pacific people co-create health programmes to meet their needs and evaluation ensures impact. Care homes will trial a comprehensive oral health and cognitive stimulation programme. A new way of understanding health complexities using big data and novel analyses will lead to new treatment strategies to tackle complex multimorbidities. Themes of healthy sleep, oral health, mobility and cognition, complement social capital and community integration in a balanced programme involving older people across the ability spectrum.

The AWESSoM team consists of teams from the University of Auckland, University of Otago, Tū Ora Compass Health, Allied Health Scientific and Technical Bay of Plenty District Health Board, The Centre for Health, Massey University, Auckland University of Technology, and Newcastle University in the UK.