Reducing social isolation with big data

12 Jan 2020

The Phase 1 project “Risk Factors in Reduced Social Engagement” found many challenging social factors and loneliness in older people and indicators of early entry into aged residential care facilities, so a second data analysis project was funded to continue this area of investigation.

“Reducing social isolation with big data” focuses on exploring longitudinal patterns and early risk factors to social isolation in older people using standardised interRAI assessment data. Dr Jamieson has obtained and prepared a very large dataset for analysis and identified two suitable analysis methods to answer the research question. He will use Structural Equation Modelling and Multi-stage Transition Modelling as suitable tools to establish patterns and identify potential early causal factors for developing loneliness and social isolation, and will identify potential healthcare interventions with collaborators at the Canterbury District Health Board.

Findings from this project will have the potential to be used to modify the care plans of the 120,000 older New Zealanders who have an assessment using the interRAI.

This study was funded under the Ageing Well National Science Challenge Emergent Opportunities grant.