The Chair of Ageing Well’s International Science Advisory Panel (ISAP), Professor Jacobijn Gussekloo, has been appointed Dean of the Honours Academy at Leiden University.
Leiden University, located in the Netherlands, is one of the world’s premier research universities. Their Honours Academy is a prestigious and future-oriented opportunity for high school, Bachelors, and Masters students to supplement their studies. The curriculum is multidisciplinary and offers students greater depth and an opportunity to explore outside of their own area of expertise. The Honours Academy aims to be a ‘testing ground’ to help foster greater innovation throughout the university.
Professor Gussekloo is currently Professor of Primary Care and director of the Master’s programme Vitality and Ageing at the University. In addition to serving on a number of other boards, she is Chair of our ISAP, a group of experts from all around the world who help guide Ageing Well research and connect our researchers with international networks.
Associate Professor Louise Parr-Brownlie, Director of Ageing Well, was proud to see Professor Gussekloo’s expertise and leadership recognised by her home institution.
“Professor Gussekloo is an astute and strong leader who will be able to make an impact in her new role and help shape the minds of the next generation of students. The Ageing Well whānau wishes her all the best as she takes on this new professional role at Leiden University.”
{Image source: Leiden University}