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Pacific cultures

Building blocks for a socially-involved and co-created approach to brain health among older Pacific adults

Te Roro

Empowering whānau Māori to maintain or improve brain health throughout their lifespans, with emphasis on mātauranga Māori

Recognising deterioration in residential aged care

Supporting nurses with an early warning tool to detect acute illness in aged care residents


A comprehensive and integrated research programme to help older people retain their independence for longer and push back the threshold of disability

Tai Kaumātuatanga

Discovering what matters to kaumātua in order to develop Māori-specific scales to help make sound policy decisions

Towards Optimising Vitality in Older Adults

Developing a healthy lifestyle program specifically for Māori built around gardening

Health and Wellness Coaching

Studying the longer term impacts of using coaching to decrease stroke risk

Adapting Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Adapting Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Māori and Pasifika People to help them live well with dementia

Drug Burden Index

Using the DBI tool to predict falls and fractures in older people

Electrical Stimulators for Stroke Recovery

A new stroke therapy device offers hope to those living with the effects of stroke

Stroke and CVD Prevention

Could Health and Wellness Coaching be a practical and cost-effective way to reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke risk?

Neurodegeneration and Individual Interventions

Dementia, palliative care, and the development of National Frailty Guidelines

Staying Upright and Eating Well

Encouraging active and healthy ageing by staving off frailty