The Drug Burden Index is a tool for health professionals to help predict the impact of side effects of medications.

This project will assess if drug burden index (DBI) predicts adverse effects (such as falls and fractures) after taking into account other comorbidities that older people may have (such as poor mobility and reduced memory).

Medications have benefits for patients. However, all medications have side effects.   Commonly now many patients are on multiple medications.

The side effects of medications can lead to falls, fractures and potentially early admission into aged residential care. It is hard for health professionals to take into the account of all the side effects of medications.

To deal with this a new scale has been developed call the drug burden index (DBI). This scale adds up the side effects of medications and presents it in a way that is easily interpretable to health professionals.

The study will also have strong links with other research in the National Science Challenge and will assess if high amounts of medications are associated with loneliness, social isolation and depression.

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Anticipated End Date: December 2016