“Goals of Care in End-Stage Dementia” Podcast with Dr Michal Boyd

Associate Professor Michal Boyd is the Principal Investigator on Ageing Well National Science Challenge research on “Neurodegeneration and Individual Interventions.” This study investigates end-of-life neurodegenerative care and the potential benefits of individualised care. Associate Professor Boyd spoke on the Goodfellow Podcast (produced by The Good Fellow Unit) about her work on Dementia and end-stage care.

In the podcast Associate Professor Boyd encourages people to think about a care continuum, with Residential Age Care as part of that continuum. Within this care continuum she discusses elder abuse, tools for identifying elder abuse, carer fatigue, as well as cultural considerations for Māori Dementia patients.

Associate Professor Boyd shares practical information and resources for patients, families and health care practitioners. You can listen to the podcast here. Read more about Associate Professor Boyd’s work, as well as other Ageing Well research, here.