Ageing Well is proud to celebrate the United Nations (UN) International Day of the Older Person 2021.

Celebrated on October 1 every year, the theme for 2021 is digital equity for all ages. This hopes to raise awareness of the the divide and to encourage the inclusion and participation of people of all ages in the digital world.

The rapid technological innovation that has occurred in the last few decades has altered the way we operate as humans and how we relate to each other. But this innovation has not been equitable: the average of the population in developed nations who are online is 87%, whereas it is 19% in the least developed countries.

The UN hopes that IDOP2021 will spark opportunities for “availability, connectivity, design, affordability, capacity building, infrastructure, and innovation” to address this. 

The team at Ageing Well celebrated the day by listening to the speakers at the Vision for Ageing in Aotearoa Conference and doing our bit to raise awareness on social media.

Find out more about IDOP2021 and why digital equity matters.