Elaine joined the Staying UPright and Eating well Research (SUPER) study because she thought it would provide her with learning opportunities as well as a chance to meet people. She was randomized into the social programme.

However, events transpired against her – Elaine was hit by a car near her home when she was crossing the road – resulting in a ten week stay in hospital recovering from multiple fractures and a head injury. Following discharge, she underwent a considerable period of recuperation and rehabilitation at home.

Fortuitously, Elaine’s recovery support team and family were discussing with her further options to help when “My daughter reminded me about the SUPER study, I had completely forgotten about it”.

Elaine was able to rejoin the social group in hopes of getting her, as she said, “back to normal”. When asked her thoughts about the social programme, Elaine said “it was fun, I loved meeting the people and it was interesting hearing what they’d done with their lives”.

Overall, as Elaine said of her experience of the study and the social programme in particular, “it’s provided me with a good way to be back in the world”.

Read the full story about Elaine and her SUPER Study experience here.

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